What is Antioxidant?

Natural Antioxidants is a molecule that is capable of inhibiting or slowing the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a reaction which transfers hydrogen or electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals that in turn directs to chain reactions of these free radicals. When the chain reactions happen inside a cell it can lead to death of the cell. By removing the intermediaries of these free radical’s antioxidants blocks these chain reactions. Thus it reduces cell damage and speeds up recovery; which in turn is very beneficial for overall health. There are various types of antioxidants which include vitamins like vitamins E and flavonoids, coenzyme Q10 and other natural fruits and herbal compounds.

Natural Antioxidants

Where Natural Antioxidants are produced?

We normally get oxidants from vegetables such as broccoli, green peppers, raw cabbage and potatoes. Citrus fruits and many types of berries like blue berries, strawberries are rich in antioxidants. Herbs and plants such as spirulina, bilberries, green tea, soy, dandelion, milk thistle and beetroot are all good sources of antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants are present in many dietary supplements, there are different types of antioxidants that are unique in nature and action mechanism which when taken helps to improve general wellbeing.

Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidant for Cell Recovery

The level of free radicals rises during workout due to excessive consumption of oxygen; which may lead to cell damage and oxidative stress. Dietary Supplements containing antioxidants may help to reduce and heal the damages caused by oxidative stress.

Antioxidants for Good Health

It helps to remove free radicals from the bloodstream. They provide many health benefits. Many studies have shown that it prevents skin aging and improve the skin texture, it also protects the skin from sun damage. It can generally help in the prevention of age related disease like as under  –

  • Cardiovascular health disease
  • Cancer
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Cataracts and Macular degeneration
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Alzheimer’s

Side Effects of Antioxidants?

Supplements that contain antioxidants may increase the ability of your body to fight against oxidative stress. However, it may work best for individuals who have not developed their internal defence system.

Antioxidant Supplements

There are various antioxidant supplements available in the market place or haat. They are present in ready to consume pre workout and post workout supplements.This is also found in the extensive range of other supplements like protein powders, multivitamins and protein bars.

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Natural Antioxidants
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