Intense Shoulder Workout

Life can get pretty crazy sometimes. Between carpool duties, meal planning, and household chores, it’s no surprise that getting the gym isn’t high on the priority list. Unfortunately, that lack of intense shoulder workout can lead to a little extra padding around the middle. Short on time, but want to lose the flab? Give our 10 Minute At-Home Fat Blasting Workout a try! It uses high strength interval training to help you get the most out of your workouts in the fewest amount of minutes.

  • Equipment Needed You will need a water bottle, a mat, and an interval timer.
  • What to Do: Do this workout 4x per week on non-consecutive days to see the greatest results.
  • Exercises:  Perform each exercise in the following circuit for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 sec rest. Go through the circuit 2x. 8 minutes total.
  • Warm Up – March in place for 60 seconds.

There is just something about big, wide shoulders that intrigues women and inspires men. Big shoulders do not just have artistic appeal.  Shoulder strength is a crucial component for any movement that requires upper body power.

Smith machine bench-press throw

One of the most effective and unique exercises for building upper-body power is the Smith machine bench-press throw. First, position yourself on a flat bench inside a Smith machine, organized as though you were bench pressing. Lower the bar to your lower chest, then press the weight off your chest as explosively as possible to throw the bar up as high as you can. Catch the bar as it comes back down, lower it to your chest again, and continue right into the next rep.

This exercise is great for building muscle power because the bar has to keep accelerating throughout the whole positive portion of each rep. By allowing the bar to leave your hands, you’re maximizing speed and power. Be sure to use a light enough weight that allows you to perform the toss properly—30% to 50% of your one-rep max should work well.

The sheer functionality of building strong shoulders means that shoulder training is a crucial component of the workout program for cage fighters, strongmen, rugged outdoorsmen, redneck Romeos, and even pumped-up cons on the jailhouse yard.

Intense shoulder workout for broad shoulders that strike fear in the hearts of men and desire in the hearts of women is the half-half full dumbbell press.

With this movement, focus on controlling the negative and exploding on the positive. This actually stresses the deltoids and greatly increases time under tension.

intense shoulder workout


Shoulder exercises that allow one to stress the anterior, medial as werear deltoid heads with a little extra-added jump on the traps just because of their unique movements. Use any of the following unknown intense shoulder workout in your program and they will stimulate them for optimal development. These 10 intense shoulder workout are plate raises, single dumbbell raises, cable front raise with rope, incline front raises, bent-over front raise, lying front raise, cable side-lateral raise w/ rope, side- lateral w/ a bar, and bent over laterals.

intense shoulder workout

How to Perform the Half-Half Full DB Press:

  • Start off on a seated military bench
  • Rest the dumbbells on your shoulders
  • Push the weight halfway up
  • Return to the starting position
  • Push the weight halfway up again
  • Return to the starting position
  • Now push the weight all the way up
  • Return to starting position

Important note: This move could also be performed with a barbell.

We were lucky enough to have 4-time figure Olympian IFBB Pro, Allison Frahn, demonstrate the movement for us. Check it out and give it a try next time you work your delts.

Benefit:Training with lighter weight in higher-than-normal rep-ranges drains your slow-twitch fibers through the first half of the set. In the later stage of the set, your fast-twitch muscle fibers come into play to pick up the slack, leaving you with a pervasive muscle pump and a surge in growth hormone. How To: Pick a weight that you can handle for about 70 reps. Once you hit initial failure, rest for as many seconds as remaining reps. For example, if you fail at 70 reps, rest 30 seconds then continue. Repeat as many times as needed to reach 100. For an extra burn, hold the 100th rep for up to 10 seconds.

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Intense shoulder workout
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