You’re pressed for time and you only have 30 minutes to get a full-body exercise in. No problem. Use bosu ball workouts to burn calories, get your heart rate up, and shape muscle. Do three sets of every move 12 to 15 times.

1. Push-Ups—Ball Side Down

This is like a regular push-up except you are balancing your body while on the bosu ball workouts. It will help work your, triceps, chest and shoulders. The bonus is you can progress your balance coordination.

bosu ball workouts

2. Sit-Ups—Ball Side Up

Stiff your stomach and lift with your core as you sit up. As you release back near ground, don’t let your back arch over the bosu ball workouts. For suitable form, keep your back level with the ball.

3. Balance and Curl—Ball Side Up

Grasp dumbbells for bicep curls. Stand on the ball and when you are stable, start your bicep curl.

If you want to take it to the subsequent level, flip the bosu ball workouts over so you are standing on the black side. Make sure you focus and do your bicep curl gradually.

bosu ball workouts

4. Lunges—Ball Side Up

There are a few different dissimilarities for lunges. You can do one leg at a time or switch legs during every set. It’s up to how relaxed you feel. Make sure your foot is robust on the ball, and don’t let your knee go over your toe when you lunge.

5. Boat Pose—Ball Side Up

Sit in the middle of the BOSU ball and find your stability. When prepared, boost your knees up to a 45-degree angle and balance. You can put your hands somewhat on the ball to help you find keep your balance or bring them up in front of you. Try to grasp this position for 15 seconds and build from there. Your goal should be one minute. It takes time. Be certain to stiff your stomach and breath.

bosu ball workouts

6. Squats—Ball Side Up

Stand on the ball with your legs hip-width apart and short. Hold the short for three seconds before standing. This works your legs, and core.

7. Jumps—Ball Side Up

This move is just like a squat excepting your jump on the ball side and later jump off. When you jump on the BOSU ball, grasp the squat for two seconds before you jump off. Attempt to work your technique up to 10 seconds.

7. Mountain Climbers—Ball Side Down

Position your hands on the sides of the BOSU ball with a tight grasp. Grasp a stable plank position. When you’re prepared, elevate your right leg a few inches off the ground. Take your knee to your nose, and then change legs. Change legs for 30 seconds at any speed you like. Take care you keep your stomach firm.

8. Chest Press—Ball Side Up

Grasp a set of dumbbells and rest with your back on the ball. Position your feet a few inches away from the BOSU ball and elevate your hips up. With a weight in both hands, take your arms out to a “T”. Twist your elbows to a 90-degree angle and press up. Replicate 12 to 15 times. This benefits work your hamstrings, chest, core and arms.

9. Side Lunges—Ball Side Up

Begin with your right foot in the middle and move your left foot out to the edge. Then squat. Take your left foot into the middle of the ball, and move your right foot out to the side. Then squat. Keep swapping legs till you do 12 reps on both the sides.

Benefits Of Bosu Ball Workouts On Your Body:

1. Balance Training

Your body positions and building essential strength. An development in gait and complete balance that lowers the risk of falls in older adults.

2. Increased Flexibility

Well tunes sports skills and helps in detecting the presence of a neighboring body.

3. A Cardio Workout

Provides core training and improves endurance.

A Bosu ball can also help a person in improving from injuries and removes back pain. Squats done using the ball stimulate the lower limb muscles and are very helpful for rehabilitation.


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