Skipping Exercise

Remember those skipping exercise ropes we used to play with, rather hop around with back in our childhood days? That was a time when we could eat an entire whole pizza or a cheesy burger. All that bouncing around constantly guaranteed that we were burning those extra calories.

It may be just a rope, but the fact is, how you use this basic tool can benefit a great deal in keeping you fit. Fitness experts often advised including skipping exercise in one’s daily fitness rule, and obviously teaming it up with other exercises. Many individuals who lean towards skipping than running. If you look at it, it’s simple, easy, plus you get to burn a lot of calories while you are at it.

How To Start Skipping

The major thing you should do before you start skipping is adjust the length of your rope. Hold the handles at all end of the rope, one handle in each hand, by your edges. Now, step in the middle of the rope, keep the length taut with the ends stretched upwards. Shorten the rope till both the ends touches your armpits.

skipping exercise

Skip Your Way to Good Fitness

If talks of skipping exercise  has got you recalling your childhood, you may get back to it and include it as part of your daily routine. You need to do is to get hold of a skipping rope and spare about 15 minutes of your time daily. If you need some more convincing, here are some of the unbelievable benefits of skipping exercise:

1. Improves Heart Rate

Skipping exercise is one of the top form of cardio exercises, which contributes to a healthy heart. Your cardiovascular basis includes your heart, along with the arteries and veins that benefit circulate blood and oxygen between the heart and the other organs of the body. By enhancing the capacity of this basis, your heart will perform more well. You will also find yourself suffering less from shortness of breath and various activities, as it will help you shape your stamina.

2. Helps Improve the Skin

For a beautiful skin, one of the secrets is to workout. Not all of us may find the time to head to the gym workout our busy schedule, but that shouldn’t be the reason to not sweat it out. Skipping is the most appropriate way to ensure that you workout, even if it is for 15 minutes everyday. Workout increases blood circulation in the body, providing nutrients to the skin. Ever observe the glow on your face post a workout?

skipping exercise

3. It’s Good For Your Brain

We know that skipping exercise is good for the brain. But did you know that activities with both physical and mental demands  have higher influences on cognitive functioning than workout tasks alone. Turns out the very best workouts for brain health involve coordination, rhythm, and policy. Turns out they’re really good for your brain.

skipping exercise

4 . Increase Bone Density

The medium influence of jumping rope increases bone density, but isn’t as hard on your joints as running because the impact of each jump is engrossed by both legs.  According to Dr. Daniel W. Barry, a researcher who has studied the bones of the elderly and of athletes, the latest studies show jumping is one of the very best workouts for improving bone density.


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