The brahmi (Indian Pennywort/Centella asiatica) known as ondellaga/thimare in Karnataka is a soft creeper which grows in the backyards and gardens of your house. The powerful medicinal leaf grows on its own without any care and attention. The therapeutic uses of this herb has been traditionally indentified and put into use in the ayurvedic science. Consuming the original brahmi leaves or preparing its tea or any other forms have good health, skin and hair benefits.

Homemade Brahmi Leaves Herbal Drink:


Handful of brahmi leaves                        Buttermilk/yogurt

2 spoons grated coconut                        Cumin seeds

Pepper seeds                                             Salt

For seasoning: mustard , urad dal, coconut oil

Brahmi Leaves


Crush the original leaves, cumin seeds, pepper seeds, coconut grates along with half glass water to make a fine greenish paste. Add the blended paste to a 2 glasses of buttermilk/yogurt. Add salt and stir well.  Toss the seasoning of mustard and urad dal to add a flavour.  Brahmi Herbal drink is ready. This Brahmi drink in south of Karnataka is known as Thambuli/Thampuhulli. It can be drunk alone or combined with rice.

Crushing the leaves alone with water or preparing concentrated Brahmi decoction is also a good choice but it might taste bitter.

One more, Brahmi drink is readily available as a Patanjali Product with a mixture of many different herbs. But I have not tried them and I am unaware of its taste. It is better to try the homemade Brahmi herbal drink which is good health, taste and hygiene wise.

Brahmi Leaves Health Benefits:

Consuming one or two small leaves of brahmi regularly at early mornings at empty stomach has many amazing health benefits.

Brahmi Leaves

Improves brain development:

It is proven to cure any mental and memory related diseases. Consuming brahmi as a whole leaf or in any forms in growing children improves their memory power and concentration of brain. It is an herbal medicine for mental issues like memory loss, poor memory, stress, anxiety and depression. The leaf is known to increase the intelligence level and helps the growth of nerve cells. While, It is also known to treat the Alzheimer’s disease which is caused by the malfunctioning of brain neurons.

Asthama Treatment:

The leaf is known to cure asthama, common cold and cough and prevention towards all the respiratory related ailments.

Stomach disorders:

It aids digestion; helps remove toxins from the body and an excellent tonic for good nourishment of health. It is beneficial for stomach problems like ulcers, diarrhea, infections and urinary infections.

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral:

Brahmi Leaves

Its anti-inflammatory properties help to cure joint pains, leg cramps and arthritis. hence, It heals wounds especially in the diabetics with less healing power.

The antibacterial and the antiviral properties tackle against any skin and body eruptions improve skin conditions and purify blood.

Lowers blood sugar and blood pressure level:

Yet not a well known benefit, the herb approaches to those who seek benefit towards normal blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure.

Side Effects:

Herbal extracts are natural and beneficial over dosage may have minor side effects. Hence, nothing severe is prove for safer side restrict the consumption like consume for 10 days and skip for 4 to 5 days in the midst. Again start with the few days gap and follow the same.

Consult your physician for dosage at pregnancy.

Brahmi Hair Care:

The herb grown in fields covering the entire area is an excellent remedy for hair problems. It strengthens root, prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth rejuvenates making them dark and thick.

Homemade Brahmi Hair Pack:

Crush few brahmi leaves along with buttermilk and make a thick hair pack. Apply it to your hair and scalp, leave it for half an hour and wash out with warm water. You can add amla (gooseberry) extracts or henna powder along with it.

Brahmi Hair pack is a complete nourishment for hair.

Brahmi Leaves

Homemade Brahmi Powder:

First of all, preparing brahmi powder is a simple method. Dry brahmi leaves, grind them to powder and store in an airtight container. Mix powder with water/buttermilk to prepare the hair pack or mix along with any of your favourite herbs (tulsi, neem, henna, amla).

Homemade Brahmi Oil:

Boil 12 to 15 brahmi leaves along with half cup coconut oil till it boils. Therefore, Switch off and close the lid till the end of the day. The leaves spread all its natural properties into the hot oil making its greenish.

Filter out the leaves and transfer the herbal oil to the clean bottle.

Apply overnight for good results.

Brahmi Skin care:

Brahmi being an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory is very effective against pimples and acne. It clears bacteria causing skin irritations, cleanses skin pores and reduces the pore size.

Crush few brahmi leaves and neem leaves together along with yogurt forming a fine paste. Apply the paste and wash after drying. It reduces pimples, pigmentation and leaves a healthy glowing skin.

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Brahmi Leaves
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