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Ever wonder what women love about chocolate SO much?  It’s true – we love the stuff, we CRAVE the stuff, and it seems like no matter how greatly we eat, we’re always ready for a few more bites.  Recent health news has shown that dark coffee chocolate is very GOOD for us – and we know when things are healthy for us, make us feel good and make us LOOK right, that we females just can’t get enough.

Here are the top benefits of eating chocolate that explain what women love about chocolate greatly– and what it does for our bodies & our health – from the inside out!

Chocolate is high in magnesium & copper:

Actually, chocolate includes potassium, copper, magnesium AND iron.  Potassium and magnesium help to regulate blood pressure & keep stress levels even.  Magnesium is both energizing and relaxing.  And there’s no doubt many of us women need plenty of iron in our diets.


Chocolate is rich in antioxidants which make our skin shine:

Dark chocolate has great antioxidants which help us have radiant skin.  Whether consuming it or using it in our masks & face scrubs, dark chocolate works from the inside out AND the outside in to help us have vibrant skin.

Eating chocolate actually reduces stress & balances out our stress hormones:

Did somebody say HORMONES? Dark chocolate helps equilibrium our hormones, from cortisol, the stress hormone, to the hormone-balancing effects of magnesium, chocolate actually sense of balances out our female brain-chemistry.

Chocolate is anti-inflammatory:

The same flavinols that help insulin production are also strong anti-inflammatories.  Forget the advil, give me dark chocolate over drugs ANY DAY for my pain!

Dark chocolate helps avoid cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

The antioxidants prevent free-radicals which control to heart disease, and the low-glycemic index is beneficial for pre- and full-blown diabetes. Also, the flavinols relief in insulin production.  Dark chocolate also lowers the bad cholesterol & raises the good one!

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Chocolate makes us feel like we’re falling in love & having great sex:

Wait, what?! Yes, it’s true.  Between the endorphins and amino acids that work on our minds when we eat chocolate, we come out feeling like we’ve just had sex (endorphins) AND like we’re decreasing in love (phenylethylamine).  That pretty much explains it all right there.  In a nutshell, chocolate is SATISFYING.

It might help to keep you smart

A nice mug of cocoa might also help an ageing brain, a recent study in the journal Hypertension found. Elderly participants who received high flavonol chocolate drinks had improved mental performance after eight weeks.

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It’s good for bones

This is where the sweeter, less cocoa-rich bars actually score better, as they count as a dairy-rich food that helps keep your bones strong.

A small (50g) bar of white chocolate contains one sixth of the recommended daily allowance of calcium, and the same size bar of milk chocolate contains a little less.

It could help with chronic fatigue

A small study of 10 chronic fatigue patients carried out at Hull York Medical School, found that those given 45g of 85% cocoa chocolate daily reported less fatigue, anxiety and depression than those given placebo chocolate with low antioxidants.

Chocolate flavors AMAZING:

One of the things we love most about chocolate is the simple pleasure of eating it. Never under guess the power of simple pleasures in a woman’s life – just allowing ourselves to eat what makes us joyful is some of the best medicine for our minds and bodies.

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