Circuit training includes moving from one workout to another in rapid sequence. A circuit classically consists of five to 10 workouts performed for 30 to 90 seconds each. You can make a circuit to meet nearly any workout goal. A circuit training workout helps you accelerate your workout and builds strength because it leaves no time for rest between workouts. While a circuit might include any one of hundreds of workouts, the workouts fall into numerous specific categories.

circuit training

Benefits of Circuit Training

  • Circuit training are an effective method to shape up, increase fitness and usually get through sessions rapidly and suitably.
  • Workouts are simple to complete and easy to learn.

Types Of Circuit Training Workout

1. Strength Circuits

A strength circuit training involves weight-bearing, strength-focused workouts. You may achieve a strength circuit using body-weight workouts, free-weight workouts or machine-based workouts. A group of all of these modes of strength training could also be part of a strength circuit.

circuit training

2. Sport-Specific

A sport-specific circuit training would be designed for athletes seeing to increase their performance in a specific sport. For example, a running circuit might involve leg and core strengthening exercisers interspersed amongst half-mile race pace runs on the treadmill. Other sport-specific circuits involve kickboxing circuits alternating core, shoulder with punching and kicking sections and football circuits alternating agility drills with weight training.

circuit training

3. Strength and Cardio

A circuit relating strength-training moves with cardio can burn up to 10 calories per minute. In this form of circuit, a strength training move such as squats is instantly followed by a cardio move such as sprinting the length of a basketball court, followed by other strength move such as pushups. This circuit can be a total body exercise, by involving a strength move for each of the main muscle groups.

4. Cardio Circuits

You can make your cardiovascular workout more exciting by executing a cardio circuit. A cardio circuit involves a rapid succession of moves such as jumping jacks, speed skaters, jump squats and burpees. Another alternative is to do a circuit by visiting five or more dissimilar cardio machines – doing a short burst on each to rise your heart rate.

circuit training

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