No Equipment Workout

It’s time to squeeze the sun and get outside while you strength train. You can print every single one of these no equipment workout to take with you the subsequent time you want to get out of the gym and reinforce those muscles. These workouts are exciting to do after a good long run so you can skip the warmup. No matter how you decide to do these, it’s time to get outdoor and get inspired!

Beginner Park Workout Routine

If you are starting out, this no equipment workout will get your full body set to go to the subsequent level. Using circuit training you will alternate two lower-body and two upper-body workout, resting no more than 2 minutes between workout, and complete 3-4 rounds of the circuit. You must aim to complete the whole no equipment workout in 40 minutes or less.

1. Step Ups

Using a park or picnic table bench or staircases, do 20 step ups with each leg. Be certain to find a high enough platform that will test you, but also be sure that it is not too high. This compound no equipment workout will work all the muscles of the legs.

no equipment workout

2. Pull Ups

Succeeding, find a bar or branch you can securely hang from and do as many pull ups as you can.  If you are currently not able to do a pull up you can take a towel with you and wrap it round a pole and do towel rows. This permits you to pull less of your body-weight until you can build up adequate strength to do full hanging pull ups. Pull ups are one of the greatest upper-body workout you can do; they reinforce the back, shoulders and biceps like no other equipment can.

no equipment workout

3. Forward/ Reverse Walking Lunges

Back to legs, find a clear track you can do 20 forward walking lunges and then reverse and do 20 backwards walking lunges. In additional to working all the muscles of the legs this workout will also progress balance and coordination.

no equipment workout

4. Squats

Squats help improve stability, and strengthen your core, legs. And contrary to general belief, squats are not bad for your knees. A right squat involves the quadriceps, the hamstrings, therefore strengthens bone and connective tissue round the knee joint.  Now, squats are an easy one to perform incorrectly

For a challenge:  squat with somewhat heavy.  Grab a rock, log, a partner, or anything you might randomly find on the trail. Once we found a tractor tire at the head of a local trail.  So we tossed it a few times and used it for plyometric “box” jumps.   Be creative!

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No equipment workout
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