The hallmark of fitness is a nice six pack workout, because it not only represents a certain level of effort in the gym, but also maintaining a relatively low bodyfat percentage.

For this, both diet and workout play important roles, but the reward is a set of abs that are the envy of everyone you know. Here are six ab exercises to get you that highly sought, but rarely achieved, holy grail; the six pack.

The Six Pack Workout Program

Perform one set of each exercise 3 times a week. These exercises are of sufficient difficulty that one set will be a good start. Shoot for a rep range of 8-12. Once you can constantly get 15 reps with good form, and still make it through the workout, add another set.

Rest: 90-120 seconds

The Pike

six pack workout

Lie faceup with your legs straight, arms at your sides, palms facing down. Elevate your legs and torso 45 degrees off the floor. (You should look like a “V”.) Reach your hands alongside your legs as high as you can without rounding your back.

Key Point:This one is hard, but focus on contracting the abs to move your body.

Cable Side Bend

Attach a D-handle to a low-pulley cable and stand so your left side faces the weight stack. Hold the handle with your left hand, keeping your arm by your side, and place your right hand on your hip. With your head facing forward, slowly bend to the left. Return to standup, repeat for reps, then switch sides.

Key Point: Granted, obliques aren’t abs, but this movement is an integral part of any six pack workout.

Weighted Crunch

Lie faceup with your knees fixed and feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms toward your knees, holding a lightweight plate with both hands. Keeping your arms prolonged, slowly lift your head and shoulders off the floor moving into a full crunch.

Key Point: Yet again, focus on contracting your abs to do the work. Use a light weight and anchor your feet if needed.

Overhead Crunch


Lie faceup with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and arms extended overhead with your hands clasped together. (Your upper arms should be alongside your ears.) Keeping your arms straight and alongside your head, curl your torso frontward, raising your shoulders off the floor. Pause, then return to the start.

Key Point: Another great way to hit the abs with extra overload. Perform just after the Weighted Crunch for a deep burn.

Ball Planks

Get into a push-up position on an exercise ball: hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and your legs extended behind you, feet up on a ball. Keep a straight line from head to toe, and push back slightly such that your arms are out in front of you. Hold this position for up to 60 seconds.

Key Point: This ain’t your grandma’s plank. Your abs and entire midsection will be screaming by the end of this.

Windshield Wipers

six pack workout

Lie faceup and tuck your hands under your pelvis, palms down. Keeping your legs straight and feet together, raise your legs so your heels point toward the ceiling. With your head and shoulders flat on the mat, lift your glutes off the floor and lift your feet toward the ceiling. At the top of the movement, turn your hips to the left (your feet should point to the left). Lower your legs back to the start (feet suspended off the floor), then lift up and twist to the right. Alternative sides for reps.

Key Point: A great way to finish off your abs. Start with your hips on the ground if needed and progress to the six pack workout as described.

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