Diabetes Remedies teas used at home, can treat or regulate blood sugar levels effectively as well as efficiently. If you are worried about controlling the spikes, in your blood sugar level, consider sipping herbal teas that are known for their anti-diabetes property. They contain certain compounds that help in reducing the high blood sugar level through various Diabetes Remedies. By replacing the sugar laden unhealthy beverages with healthy herbal teas you can easily keep you blood sugar level under control. The following herbal teas are best suited for diabetics.

Here Are 5 Best Teas For Diabetes Remedies:

1. Licorice Tea

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Licorice root contains certain substances that help in lowering the blood sugar level. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory property, as it is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. Pour five cups of hot water in a pan and add a stick of licorice and steep for several minutes. Drink ¼ cup of the weak licorice tea before each meal.

Licorice root from the papilionaceae might be effective in the treatment of diabetes. This form of diabetes affects humans who are usually overweight or obese, causing the body becoming resistant to insulin.

Licorice is usually used to treat coughs, peptic ulcers, and is used topically for canker sores and eczema. Licorice comprises glycyrrhiza, the substance responsible for many of its properties, but also the cause of its side effects. A 2010 laboratory study published in “Lipids in Health and Disease” found glycyrrhizic acid reduced blood glucose levels by improving insulin sensitivity.

2. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is a source of a natural blood sugar reducing compound called alpha-glucosidase. It can dramatically reduce the blood sugar level. People on anti-diabetes medicines should monitor their blood sugar level while taking dandelion tea. Your physician may reduce the dosage of your anti-diabetes medication, if you are taking dandelion tea for blood sugar management. Drinking Dandelion tea on a daily basis has shown to help normalize blood sugar level.

3. Bilberry Tea


Tea prepared with bilberry leaves and berries is useful for people suffering from diabetes. Bilberry leaves are rich in chromium, which helps in improving diabetes control. In addition, bilberry leaf contains an anti-diabetes compound called myrtillin. Drinking bilberry tea helps in improving circulation, reducing risk of retinopathy in diabetics. For diabetes remedies, prepare bilberry tea by boiling 2/3 cup of bilberry leaves in two cups of water for around 25 minutes. Drink two cups of bilberry tea daily.

Bilberry extract is not recognised as a treatment for diabetes but people with diabetes may notice that it benefits in lowering blood glucose levels. If you are on blood glucose lowering medication that can bring on hypoglycemia, you may need to monitor your blood glucose levels and take precautions to certify blood sugar levels don’t go too short.

4. Chamomile Tea

For controlling the blood sugar level, diabetics can drink one to three cups of chamomile tea daily. Chamomile comprises certain active compounds that help in obstructing unwanted glycogen break down in the liver. In addition, chamomile tea helps in reducing sorbitol buildup in the cells of diabetics, therefore reducing risk of diabetes problems.

This plant helps decrease changes in sugar levels suffered by people with diabetes. As a result, it is important that you take a cup of chamomile as it also benefits prevent problems that might rise from this disease

5. Green Tea

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Regular consumption of green tea seems to help in diabetes remedies. Studies recommend that the green tea polyphenol epicatechin mimics the hormone insulin in the body. It also helps in regeneration of the beta cells of the pancreas, therefore helping in increasing insulin production.

Drinking green tea for diabetes is a good idea because it contains substances called polyphenols, which are antioxidants found in every plant. Polyphenols help reduce oxidative stress and cause vasodilation, which drops blood pressure and prevents clotting.



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