Yoga exercises can be an amazing form of workout or even just a way to relax and de-stress after a long day. While yoga exercises certainly does the mind and body good, it also can do a lot more than just tone your body or suppress your innermost thoughts. Doing definite yoga exercises poses is a great way to help you relax before going to sleep at night.

Yoga Exercises To Do Before Bed

1. Upside-Down Relaxation

  1. Sit fronting a wall with your butt around 6 inches away from it.
  2. Lie back and spread your legs up the wall.
  3. As it is too powerful a stretch for your hamstrings, slide your butt beyond from the wall.
  4. If it’s not sufficient, scoot closer.
  5. Let your arms relax by your sides, palms facing up, and breathe gradually, sensing the stretch in the backs of your legs.

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2.  Winding Down Twist

  1. Be seated cross-legged on the bed and breathe out as you place your right hand on your left knee and left hand on the bed behind your tailbone.
  2. Gradually turn your torso to the left.
  3. Let your gaze to follow, seeing over your left shoulder. Inhale deeply, then return to center and recurrence on opposite side.

3.  Nighttime Goddess Stretch

  1. Be seated comfortably on your heels.
  2. Troll your torso onward, taking your forehead to rest on the bed in front of you.
  3. Lower your chest as near to your knees as you comfortably can, spreading your arms in front of you.
  4. Grasp the pose and inhale.

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4. Child’s Pose

  1. From Table posture, breathe out and lower the hips to the heels and forehead to the floor. Have the knees together or if more relaxed, spread the knees slightly separately.
  2. The arms can be above your head with the palms on the floor, the palms can be weighted under the forehead, or the arms can be together with the body with the palms up.
  3. Respire slowly and intensely, vigorously pressing the belly against the thighs on the inhale.
  4. Inhale and hold for 4-12 breaths.
  5. To release: place the palms below the shoulders and gradually inhale up to a seated position.

5. Rock-A-Bye Roll

  1. This is same as “happy baby pose” and it can benefit calm you.
  2. All you require to do is lie on your back and squeeze your knees inward to your chest.
  3. Later, cross your ankles together and wrap your arms around the shins.
  4. Then, rock your body onward to sit up, then roll back, respiring as you do so.

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6. Standing Forward Bend

  1. Stand at the top of your mat in  Foothill Pose at the front of your mat. Breathe in and grasp your arms straight above you.
  2. As you breathe out, engross your abs and fold onward with a straight back. Tuck your chin in near your chest, relax your shoulders, and spread the crown of the head toward the floor to make a long spine. Move your weight frontward onto your toes, flattening the legs as much as possible. Place your hands on the ground, fingertips facing up with the toes.
  3. Grasp here for 10 breaths.
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